Thursday 16 August 2018

Lavender Bags

My one successful crop this year has been lavender. The hot dry weather has meant that the flowers dried quite easily on a sunny windowsill, all spread out on a tray and covered with a cloth.  Then came the monumentally tedious job of removing the flowers from the stalks, which can be strong enough to poke through the weave of the material if they end up inside the bag.  The brown gingham was all I had left of a small piece of synthetic fabric.  It is definitely functional rather than pretty, but the smell is so delightful it more than makes up for the rather everyday fabric.  I am already looking forward to next year's crop.


  1. oh how I wish I wasn't so sensitive to lavender. I love the smell but it makes me so ill. bet these are delightful

    1. Similar bags could be made with other scents. Any soft kind of potpourri, like dried rose petals with some drops of orris root as a scent fixative.

  2. Years ago on holiday in the US, we bought coasters filled with herbs - the heat from the cups and mugs brought out the lovely aroma (as it was around Christmas time it was cinnamon and cloves) - I think lavender would be just as good. Mmmmmmmm lavender!



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