Friday, 14 December 2018

An Impulse Buy

Every time I go see an exhibition at Midsomer Quilting I end up buying fabric.  It is almost impossible not to.  I unfurled a roll onto a table and kept looking at it, inspecting the skyline and trying to work out if this really was an old prospect of the Thames.  I was fascinated, and suddenly realised (surprising, but true) that my husband was equally taken with it - a totally new experience, because I am usually a lone shopper for this sort of thing.  Too much colour around him gives him some strange sensory overload and he usually scuttles off to the nearest exit.  He would rather be surrounded by wood.  Cloth is my department.  I took his interest as permission to buy, and breezily suggested I made a lap quilt for winter.  East wind.  Draughts.  Five minutes later I was paying.

When we got home I laid the material out on the settee and was really pleased to see how well it went with all the other colours in the room.  Then I rummaged around in the stash for suitable material for the backing and binding.  It will be an easy quilt, with no piecing, ideal to get me going in the New Year.  Let's just hope I have it finished before the east wind bites.

It's time to concentrate on Christmas, so Free Motion Mavericks will be back in January.

You never know, I might even have my sewing room sorted out by then.


  1. That is lovely! Who makes it? My son lives close to the Thames in London and I could make him some cushions as the colours will work with his sofa.

    A quick project is always good at this time of year.

    1. Hello Gloria...check your emails! Hot shopping tip for you.

  2. Hi Muv, that will be a great piece to play with. It's always a surprise when hubby also likes it, isn't it?

    1. Hello Andrée, yes it was a very pleasant surprise!



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