Saturday 29 December 2018

An Unexpected Project

Rusty red, shrivelled and scabby.  If this were a cat's fur it would mean an urgent trip to the vet.  Instead it meant a trip to town today to buy some synthetic fur to repair my daughter's new jacket.

It all started with a quiet drink in the pub, which is just a few yards from our house.  Cabin fever had been getting to us, so the three of us, my husband, daughter and I, went out for an hour or so two nights ago.  When we came back she noticed the damage to the fur trim around the hood of her jacket.  At first she thought there was something stuck to it, then we worked out that it was heat damage.  I thought that perhaps the fur had come into contact with an overheated fairy light on the windowsill behind her.  She went dashing back to the pub to speak to the staff.  It turned out that someone had left a lighted candle on the windowsill behind the bench we had been sitting on.  In the circumstances I was grateful that her hood, or, worse still, her hair hadn't gone up in flames. 

My daughter was very phlegmatic about the whole thing, and said she wasn't worried about the damage, she would still wear the jacket with the trim attached.  I insisted that it looked totally awful and promised to fix it.

I was not looking forward to the repair job.  Fur fabric was a step into the unknown for me.  Fortunately, because the trim is detachable, I was able to unpick the damaged fur from its backing, then sew the backing to the new fabric.  It is now attached to the hood and the jacket looks as good as new again.  And my daughter is delighted, which for me, is the most important thing.


  1. Yes, glad she didn't catch fire. Not safe. Nice that you could fix her jacket. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Cheryl! Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Wow, that was a near miss. It's great that you were able to fix it! Sounds like you're enjoying your time with your daughter. I wish we had a pub that close by. Living in the suburbs means nothing is close.

    1. It was scarier in retrospect than at the time.

      It so easy to relax in a good pub. Why not designate a corner of your house as your own little pub?



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