Sunday, 30 June 2019

A Picture for Sunday - Violet Rose

A very unusual colour for a rose.  I have seen pictures of violet roses before, but until this week I had never seen one.  I really can't make up my mind whether or not I like it.  Perhaps we should have a vote, and I will go along with the majority view.

Update 7th July
The score stands at 4 - 1, so I shall do my best to like it.  It just seems a shade too sombre.


  1. Stripey too. Not sure - feel the "blue" colours tend to look on the grey side but if it has a strong scent then I'd allow it! Perfume conquers all! Although I do not like rose perfume, much prefer violets or honeysuckle, freesia and lavender, but rose is just not the same as the plant.

  2. I have a couple in my garden here in California. One is called Sterling. Not sure about the other. They are very pretty, prolific bloomers, and have a wonderful scent. I vote yes!

  3. Hi Muv, it does look lovely - a pretty violet!

  4. No, far too Lenten for me!

  5. How lovely - the color combination is heavenly.



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