Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Two More Little Cardigans

Extra cute for a baby girl, this is the same size as the V neck version I made in blues and beige.  It travelled with us on our trip away, so all I had to do when we came home last week was cut off all the tails.

As always, I enjoyed seeing how the colours would turn out.  It will look great teamed up with dark pink or purple leggings.

I even managed to find buttons similar to those on the V neck cardigan, but in lavender and pink.

This cardy travelled with us too.  It is in the next size larger, and definitely in the right colours for a baby that is busy crawling and getting grubby on the floor.

I was worried that the bright orange, yellow and green random yarn would look a bit loud.  I'm sure the designer based the colours on fluorescent highlighters.  Once it was matched with a dark green fleck it toned down and started looking a bit drab.

Once these amazing moss green buttons were on, though, the whole colour scheme fell into place.

Finally I am ready to start posting the instructions for these cardies.  Stage 1 is going up this week!

If you want to get ready and start rummaging for wool, any soft yarn in a double knitting weight will be ideal. Three 50 gram balls should be enough.  The knitting needles are UK old size 10 / 3.25mm / US size 3.  For the long rows when I put all the pieces onto one needle for the raglan shaping, or for going round the V neck, I use two circular needles for the length. 

If you really want to play with colour, try combining one random yarn with a fleck.  The green cardigan is made with Sirdar Snuggly Rascal in Bean Bag and Sirdar Dapple in Enchanted Forest.

Or you can use two randoms and a fleck for the ribbing.  The baby girl's jacket above is made in Sirdar Snuggly Crofter in Maypole (the colours are a little more muted in real life than in the photo), Sirdar Snuggly Rascal in Playtime, and Stylecraft Batik DK in Violet.

Keen knitters beware - all these beautiful colours to experiment with are seriously addictive.


  1. Well I think they are cute - very country-looking. Would fit in very well round here. At the moment we have the Canadian invasion - today was Dartmoor and we walked up to Haytor - my cousin and husband scrambled to the top of the rock, her cousin (via her dad's side of the family) and I sat at the base catching the view, our breath and the shade! Toodle ooh for now xx

    1. Thanks Kerry. Can't stop knitting them.

      Sounds like a fun day! Got to make the most of a dry day on Dartmoor.

      Got your knitting needles ready for winter?

    2. Hah! I'm hopeless at knitting, well making clothes - I can manage scarves but that's my limit! Crochet is even worse - can't get beyond 3 loops before flinging it down!
      Super Dartmoor day - climbed up Haytor - gasp! But only husband and cousin made it to the top of the rock, her cousin and I waited in the shade below them and taking in the view. Lots of Belted Galloway cattle on there now!



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