Sunday, 17 November 2019

Tiny Size Baby Cardigan

This is the tiny version of the baby cardigan that I have made in several sizes.  This should fit a newborn.

This isn't exactly my favourite shade of blue, probably because it is the colour of my primary school uniform.  It's not that I didn't like school, but seeing royal blue day in day out from the ages of five to eleven was enough to last me a lifetime.  This blue yarn was in with a reduced pack that included some rather more interesting colours that I have already used up.

The random orange was a tiny oddment left over from the orange and green cardy I finished in the summer.  It was just enough for four stripes across the chest and over the shoulders.

As for the buttons, I already had these orange and blue butterflies, which I had put aside waiting for the right project.  They liven up the plain blue button band, and look really sweet.

I had a real doughnut moment making this one.  It wasn't until finishing the raglan shaping that I realised that the sleeves have a different number of stitches to each other.  Also, the back of the neck dips a little too far down for my liking.  I shall have to rethink the pattern for this size, and perhaps I should force myself to plan ahead on paper once in a while.  Not that the future owner of this little cardy will care, nor his mum. 

Talking of owners, my niece has sent me a picture of her little baby girl in the Little Miss Marple cardigan.  It was lovely to see such a snug and happy baby!

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  1. Hi Muv, that's a really sweet sweater and I love that pop of colour on the buttons. Once on, no one will notice the little things that we do when making them, including the royal blue :-)



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