Friday, 7 February 2020

Framing the Landscape

Framing a stitched picture is one of those jobs that always takes at least fifteen times longer than I think it should.  This time I am using a box frame that I bought some time ago, and framing it in the same way that I did the last landscape.  Choosing the right green to outline the picture in the frame was relatively easy.  I made the choice last night, but waited until this morning to check the colour in daylight to make sure.  The thread on the right won.

Today I have used the Willcox and Gibbs to stitch the outline.  Fortunately I remembered how to thread it.  The nerve-wracking bit has been all the measuring involved, which came down to eighths and sixteenths of an inch.  I have yet to measure exactly where to place the holes of the back board of the frame.  Tomorrow I shall hand the board to my husband so he can drill the holes in exactly the right place.  I have already had enough measuring and right angles for one day.  Precision isn't my strong point.  I have to take it slowly.

Free Motion Mavericks is at Andrée's blog this week, so I'm linking up.

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  1. Hi Muv, isn't it amazing what a little bit of daylight will do to colour! That's hard when I mostly work at night. Thanks for linking up.



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