Sunday, 10 May 2020

A Picture for Sunday - Rose Chafer

Cetonia aurata, or rose chafer.  This is the most beautiful beetle I have ever seen, and I saw one for the first time yesterday.  It landed on a flower at the allotment, and obligingly posed for photos for a couple of minutes.  In the bright sunshine it was dazzling emerald green.  It's not often that an insect makes my day.


  1. That bug will eat its way through your roses.

    1. But I have no roses. It is quite welcome to gorge on my columbines. They are prolific self-seeders.

  2. Hi Lizzie. This is unrelated to your recent post, but I stumbled upon your youtube video on threading a singer 99K. I have the same machine and am struggling to figure out how to adjust the needle thread tension and the bobbin thread tension. Do you have any videos on this subject? Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

    1. Hello Emma Michele,
      Glad you have found the video useful.

      To sort out your tension, adjust the top thread by turning the nut at the front of the tension discs. Leave the bobbin tension alone, it is highly unlikely to need adjusting. Watch the video on how to adjust the tension on a long bobbin machine and see how the tension for the top thread is adjusted - it is just the same on your machine. Long bobbin machines are more likely to have problems with the shuttle than a 99K is to have problems with the bobbin tension.

      Here is a link to a manual for a 66, which is exactly the same as a 99K apart from size.

      It does not give instructions for adjusting the bobbin tension because this was set when the machines were manufactured.

      I hope this helps!
      Love, Muv

    2. Wonderful! This helped so much, it did end up being the thread tension as you said. Thanks for your time & happy vintage sewing :)




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