Thursday, 25 November 2021

Free Motion Mavericks - Week 357 - Colours for the Wedding Quilt


Knowing these wonderful fabrics have been lurking in a box for a few years has been interesting.  I knew that sooner or later the right project would come along, and it has finally arrived - the wedding present for Genevieve and Gonzalo.  They are all shot cottons from Oakshott, some of which have been discontinued since I bought them.  I have ordered a couple of extra colours, and may yet order more once I have made a start.  Finally my brain is getting into gear for a big quilt.  There are a few ideas for new quilting designs bubbling under the surface, and I shall be using a few of my old favourites.  It is nice that there is absolutely no rush, so I can enjoy going at my own pace.

Now for some wedding photos, with special thanks to everyone for your encouragement while I was busy sewing the underskirt and the veil.  They weren't the easiest projects to blog about, as I was making things up as I went along and could only post pictures of a whole load of white stuff.  Of course, it was all worth it in the end, as you all knew.

All these photos were taken by Matt Willis, who is an amazing photographer.  He took photos in the church, then stayed with us until the beginning of the reception and left before dinner was served.  He managed to blend in so well that at times we were hardly aware he was there.  If anyone in this country needs a wedding photographer, I can strongly recommend him, and it's worth visiting his website just for the fun of looking at lots more of his photos.

So here they are, already married and signing the register.  Genevieve's friend Sophie and Gonzalo's father acted as witnesses.  In Spain the groom doesn't have a Best Man, it's his father's job, and bridesmaids don't seem to feature either, so Genevieve managed without.

i love this photo of them coming down the aisle, very happy, and probably ever so slightly relieved!

Once we were outside Genevieve was able to hitch up her train at the back with a loop over her wrist, which also meant she had to hold her bouquet aloft.  The bouquet was heavy, so together with the skirt she must have felt the weight.

After spending a while outside the church, all the guests walked to the reception, and the bride and groom followed in the wedding limo.  

By the time we went into the restaurant, Genevieve was ready to go less formal without the bolero jacket.  By now she had discovered how layers and layers of underskirt can keep you warm.

Soon the hall was buzzing with activity.  It was time to celebrate!

Here goes for Week 357:-

Many thanks to Norma for linking up last time with her feedsack pillow case.  If you haven't seen her blog post yet, nip over now and see more.


If you have no free motion quilting to show, feel free to link up and show any project you like.  Here are the usual rules, but feel free to ignore them.  To keep the original emphasis, however, preference will be given to free motion quilting when featuring projects from the previous week.

If you love free motion quilting, whether you are a beginner just taking the plunge, or you have reached the stage where you can do ostrich feathers with your eyes shut and still achieve perfect symmetry, then please link up.

Remember, FMQ is FMQ, whether your machine was made last week, or it is older than your granny.

Here are the very easy and slightly elastic rules:-

1.  Link up with any recent post, ideally from the last week but within the last month, which features a free motion quilting project, whether it is a work in progress or a finish.

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  1. Hi Muv, thanks for sharing the pictures of Genevieve's wedding. They looked so happy! I absolutely adore those overshot fabrics. I have a few but certainly not enough for a quilt. It's going to be amazing. Take care.

    1. Hello Andrée, Glad you've enjoyed the pictures!
      Yes, the fabrics are gorgeous. I'm looking forward to putting all these colours together.

  2. Beautiful photos from the wedding! Thank you for posting them.

    1. Thanks Vireya! It was a truly wonderful day.

  3. Lovely photos there, Muv. The venues look superb too. A nice shot of them coming down the aisle but the smiles on their faces in the second to last is the best one of all.

    1. Thanks Kerry! That picture is definitely one of my favourites, especially with Gonzalo's friends lined up in the background like an informal guard of honour. They had a certain presence - spot them in the church...

  4. Lovely wedding! And it’s always interesting to learn a bit about traditions in other countries. G’s dress is so elegant and your painstaking work is evident in the drape of her gown and her flowing veil. I’m eager to see what you have in mind for the Oakshotts. I made my kids’ wedding quilts after the wedding, too, and it was much more relaxing and enjoyable than if I had tried to get them done before the weddings.

    1. Thank you Janine Marie! There are so many differences between our customs and those in Spain, but everything worked on the day.
      The quilt is going to be fun. I'm still at the scribbling on the back of envelopes stage, and having no deadline is great. I made my son's quilt well before his wedding, as I had a year's warning and no wedding planning to do. This time we managed to go from engagement in mid-May to wedding in October, so with all the planning there was little chance to even think about the quilt. It's so nice to be able to take my time.



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