Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday's Top Tip - Stitch Length Regulator Knobs

Stitch length regulator knobs often end up jammed solid on machines that have spent decades in cupboards.  The only way to ease them free is with lashings of oil and patience - don't expect a result the same day.

Then you are raring to go with a project.  Halfway through you start wondering where the little oily smudges are coming from on your hitherto pristine work.  Cleaning it off with washing up liquid gives time for reflection... and you realise that the stitch length knob is the culprit.

The solution?  Well you could create a stylish little cosy in black velvet with gold trim to match the machine.  Otherwise, you could reach for the nearest paper bag, rip off a strip and keep it in place with sellotape.  The latter option has more immediate appeal.  


  1. I have just released a stitch regulator funnily enough on a Reinold and Co sewing machine that found it's way to my house (don't know how that happened but I think Ebay had something to do with it) but I am having trouble threading the bullet shaped bobbin....x

  2. Hello Artymess,

    I have had to give up Ebay, I've run out of space. Is there a picture of your Reinold machine going up on your blog soon?

    Make yourself a large pot of tea and watch the bobbin winding video, especially the last bit showing how to load the shuttle. After your fifth viewing walk three times round the garden, have a couple of fags (optional) and a cake (obligatory) and have another go. Suddenly you will wonder why it all seemed so hard.

    Love Muv

  3. Ah! Ebay vs domestic space management. I am still not sure whether I am disappointed or relieved to have missed out on that Singer 201k for less than the price of a yard of Liberty print.

  4. Hi
    You seem to have a compendium of sewing machines. Any chance I could ask you some questions about my newly won eBay purchase - a Frister and Rossmann model E.

    Thank you for the ace videos on YouTube! Brilliant!

  5. Hello Marysia,

    Glad you enjoy the Youtube vids.

    My sister in law in Surrey has a model E that I cleaned up for her last year. The top thread and shuttle thread up in exactly the same way as a Singer, so you can get all that from the videos. I keep meaning to do a video about German bobbin winders. Is that the problem by any chance?


    1. Hi,
      I think I'm OK with the bobbin winder, but a video would definitely come in handy to be sure :-)
      My question is regarding the weird and wonderful world of zig-zag machines and button holers. Do you by any chance know if the old Singer ones would fit the F&R model E?
      I've never even seen one in the flesh, only on the internet.
      Thank you!

  6. Marysia,

    I'm puzzled. Isn't the model E a vibrating shuttle?




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