Saturday, 28 July 2012

Yet More Wonderful Decals

Just one last picture, and you can play spot the oil hole.  No prizes on offer, but you can claim the glory by posting a comment to say where it is.

Being a true couch potato I sat through last night's Olympic Opening Ceremony and had the incomparable pleasure of seeing the Queen and Daniel Craig taking the art of understatement to its pinnacle.  The video also features a sewing machine.  Here is the link, so you can play at freeze frame in the first few seconds and then dash off furious letters to the props department at the Beeb asking why the handle of the sewing machine was not clicked into position.  And why wasn't it in a base either.

If you have trouble with the link, search Youtube for "Mr. Bond escorts the Queen."

Hello Gin!  (That's a greeting to the latest follower, not a private conversation into my glass)
And hello Laura Jean who has appeared just this minute!


  1. This is such purty machine ....I love the designs and colours are glorious .....x

  2. Hello almost right back! *wave* Sorry, I've been stuck without power all weekend. Not a problem for sewing, but I can't seem to get the internet on my Singer 66-1. oh well, maybe someday! Be well, Laura Jean

  3. It's a beautiful machine, and I think the oil hole is immediately above the'E' in Vesta.

  4. Hello Lacelady - Yes, you've got it, right first time! Lovely of you to drop in!

    Hello Laura jean, sorry I haven't answered you till now, I've been trying to get my computer to sew. The tension is rubbish.

    Love Muv



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