Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Welcome to all the Blog Followers!

I enjoyed visiting your blogs this afternoon, planning a nice quiet Sunday afternoon reading through your posts and looking at the pictures.  And suddenly, by magic, this evening half of you have disappeared.  

Was it me?  Did I hit the wrong button?  Am I suddenly too old for computers because it was my birthday earlier this month?  Or has blogger developed a warp in the ether and sucked your icons into oblivion?

So a special welcome to Acceleratio,  AnonymousG, and Duncan, whose icons are here tonight...
and an equally warm welcome to Artymess and Fabriquefantastique, whose icons have disappeared,
and another equally warm and apologetic welcome to the other two or three followers whose names totally escape me and whose icons have also disappeared... you will be welcomed back with open arms.

Terribly sorry everyone.  I feel such a dimwit.

1 comment:

  1. here I am again ......none the worse for my adventure into cyberspace ...x



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