Friday, 8 February 2013

A Tin for the Bobbins

When I bought my Serata treadle I found this in one of the drawers, a tiny little tin, two and a half by one and a half inches.  It is the ideal size for keeping the bobbins in, and takes you straight back to the time when invalids were nursed back to health with beef tea.

Like all the best brands, it is by appointment... it reads  "By Appointment, Purveyors to His Majesty the King."  George V, probably.  Edward VII at a pinch.


  1. that is a cute tin ....i love tins too .....x

  2. Saw a gorgeous tin in an antiques shop the other day. At first sight I thought it was Gloucester Cathedral, then I thought I was seeing things... a coloured, slightly battered and scratched picture of St. Peter's church in Wolverhampton on the lid... Label on the back said TWENTY FOUR QUID. Could get a decent sewing machine and a few quid change for the price of an old tin.




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