Wednesday 13 February 2013

Jubilee Rose Appliqué Pattern

This is the rose panel on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Quilt.  The pattern for this rose is the first pattern which is available in the online shop at Lizzie Lenard Sewing Designs

It was this time last year that I was busy drawing the patterns for the appliqué panels for the quilt. This rose, to represent England, was the first one that I drew and the first one to be sewn.

In March I took a quick trip up the motorway to Gloucester to visit Oakshott Fabrics and chose the colours for the quilt.  I had in mind a rich, deep red for this rose, and I found just the shade I wanted.

The flower is one large piece, with the petals outlined in machine stitching.  For this I found that the best colour for the contrasting thread was a rich shade of peach - no other colour worked quite as well.

I would love to see this rose worked in different colours - deep red for romantics or English patriots, pretty in pink for a girl, yellow for a Texan, or perhaps white in memory of a loved one.  

A large double bed sized quilt with nine roses in different colours would look great.  Who wants to beat me to it?

Welcome to Julie, the latest follower.  Thank you for joining!

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