Wednesday, 6 February 2013

German Bobbin Winders - No. 1

This is my Frister and Rossmann Transverse Shuttle machine set up to wind a bobbin.  This type of bobbin winder is seen on many German machines.  It winds a perfectly tight, even bobbin of thread, and works better than any Singer bobbin winder.  It is a very simple mechanism. This is how it works:-

First, take the thread through the miniature tension discs on the front inspection plate.

Not every machine with this type of bobbin winder has these tension discs, in which case either take the thread through the hook at the top of the face plate (top left in this photo), which is the first hook for the top thread, or through whichever other hook is provided there.

Next, take the thread to the top of the upright bar of the bobbin winder and thread it from the back to the front.

Put the bobbin in, securing the thread by trapping it between the end of the bobbin and the winder.

To engage the bobbin winder against the balance wheel, this machine has a lever at the bottom which is pushed up.

What happens next is pure magic.  As you wind the bobbin, the thread passes over the curved edge of the plate on the bobbin winder, moving steadily and evenly from side to side.

When the thread reaches the other side and makes contact with the little pin at the end of the curved plate, it is gently nudged back and travels back the way it came.  Pure genius.

When the bobbin is full it presses against the base of the upright lever, activates a spring, and automatically disengages the bobbin winder from contact against the balance wheel.

If you want to take the bobbin out earlier, just press the upright bar back gently with your finger and the bobbin winder will disengage.

Nifty, or what?

More German bobbin winders coming soon...


  1. Great tutorial Muv!! Your posts are so timely. I've a German copy of Singer 12 that I'm taking off the shelf after I type this to go wind a bobbin!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! P.S. My 127's are all much quieter after the post about the oiling hole by the shuttle.

    1. Gosh Allison, those 127s must have been thirsty.


  2. Thanks for this - really helpful! Been ill all week - not even read a book, let alone looked at my new sewing machine, but I have bookmarked this tutorial!

    1. Hello Sue,

      Sorry to hear you have been feeling really rough. There's been a bit of coughing in this household too.

      This machine is completely different from you Frister and Rossmann. This post is only number 1 - I have four different German bobbin winders to show. One like yours will crop up fairly soon.




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