Saturday, 30 March 2013

A Sewing Room

When I bought the Singer 201K treadle it came with a couple of books.  This is the 1952 edition of Practical Home Dressmaking, published by Odhams.

This picture worries me a bit.  All clean lines and fearfully modern.  Where's the mess???

Talking of mess, why not pop over to Hampshire and look in on Artymess's lovely machines...


  1. I just bought an old Singer 15 in a parlor cabinet (the cabinet is why I bought it). It sews very well, but a 201 has reverse. Do you think a 201 would be a better treadle machine? I am a quilter, I would use it for piecing, I free motion with 301s.

    1. Hello Linda,

      That's a lovely treadle machine - I've had a look at the pictures on your blog. A good 15 is every bit as good as a 201. I can't understand why reverse is so important - I never use it because I am used to using machines without it. I just turn the work round.


  2. Thank you. I love the cabinet. The machine hums. I really don't use reverse when I am piecing. I use this machine for piecing scraps. I can leave it set up to do that, and use my other 301s for piecing my pattern quilts and free motion. I will just be happy with this machine. I guess I was trying to find an excuse to buy a 201- it is so classicly lovely.



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