Monday, 4 March 2013

German Bobbin Winders - No. 2

This is a Frister and Rossmann Transverse Shuttle machine - a slightly different model to the one I photographed when showing the first in the series of German bobbin winders.  

This machine has a smaller balance wheel, a fancy spool pin and a different bobbin winder.  The top of the bar is bent in a backwards curve at the top.  The button for engaging the bobbin winder is at the bottom right.

Step 1 is the same.  The thread has to pass between the tiny tension discs on the front inspection plate.

Next, the thread is taken over to the upright bar of the bobbin winder and through the hole at the top, passing from the top and then down the back of the bar.

The thread is passed down behind the bar and then brought out underneath it, reaching the bobbin from the back.

The metal plate beneath the bobbin has to be brought up into position so it is almost touching the bobbin.  The plate is on a spring - press it down gently and it will spring itself up to the right position.

To engage the bobbin winder into position, so that the tyre touches the rim of the balance wheel, press this button...

... and push the bobbin winder back until the catch at the back holds the bobbin winder in place. This picture is taken from behind the machine looking down the back of the bobbin winder.  The catch is at the bottom centre of the picture.

While the bobbin is being filled the metal plate will be gradually pushed downwards.  If you want a full bobbin, wait until the plate automatically springs down away from the bobbin.  If you want to stop sooner, press down gently on the plate...

... and the plate will spring down out of the way so you can remove your bobbin.

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