Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Making Mobile Phone Cosies - Stage 1

This is the first project using the 1949 Singer 15K hand machine that I have recently cleaned up.  

Mobile phone cosies are so easy to make, so I will show you the method.

First, I raided my jar of scraps and found a few strips, which I have sewn together to make a small panel.

I used a seam guide to keep the seams straight and even, and ironed the seam allowances to one side, all in the same direction. 

I haven't been fussy about measuring it because a sheet of A4 size paper will give you the approximate measurements you need.  Here is a sheet of A4 laid over the panel, showing that there is a little extra all round. 

Next, make the quilt sandwich.  Here it is, held in place with a few safety pins. 

Straight line quilting along the seam lines is the quickest and easiest method.  This isn't a fancy project.

A line of machine stitching at each end will make it easier to put the binding on later.

Next, use the rotary cutter to square off the quilted panel into a neat rectangle.

Finally, cut the panel in half lengthways.  Each strip is approximately four and a half inches wide.

This way you will end up with two mobile phone cosies.  If you make one, you can be sure somebody else will want one, so I've decided to save time and just make two in the first place.


  1. Beautiful fabric selection, Muv.

  2. Thank you Laura Jean. I hope you like the finished item. I'm not totally sure about the green binding, but this is definitely a project where you have to use what is in the cupboard, whether it is a perfect match or not.




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