Monday, 13 May 2013

A Mention for the Machines on the Quilt Label

Today was the big day - a trip to Malvern to deliver the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Quilt to the Three Counties Showground for the Quilts UK 2013 exhibition later this week.  This is just a peep of part of the label on the back.  I thought the machines did so well, neither of them misbehaved once, so I gave them a mention on the label.

Exciting week ahead!


  1. Very nice touch indeed. Have a wonderful time, and take lots of pictures to share with us, please.

  2. How fun Muv! Enjoy it :) I spent all day Sunday (Mother's Day here in the States) identifying all the attachments to my Singer 66 treadle, and your site and videos were a great help! Thank you for sharing... by the way, you have completely sold me into converting my Singer 99 to a hand crank once again :) m.

  3. QuiltE in CanadaMay 14, 2013 3:06 pm

    Great idea to include the machines that worked "with" you on this project. I feel honoured to have been somewhat with you, watching in awe as you worked on this quilt.

    Good Luck at the Show, Muv!
    I'm looking forward to seeing pics of yours hanging. And all the others too. Be sure to be there, and ENJOY hearing all the oohs and aaahs!
    Regards, QuiltE



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