Thursday, 30 May 2013

German Bobbin Winders - No. 3

This is my Serata Vibrating Shuttle hand machine, the twin of my treadle.  Unfortunately it had already lost its original case and base before I bought it, so it lives in an old Singer base.  A shame really.

The bobbin winder is wonderfully efficient and easy to use.  This is how it works:-

First the thread goes through the hook at the top of the faceplate.  There is a little wire thread guide next to it, possibly originally intended to take the thread  to the bobbin winder if you were winding a bobbin and sewing at the same time.  However the thread has a tendency to jump out of the wire thread guide so I don't use it.

Next, the thread goes over to the little tension discs at the top of the upright bar above the winder.  It needs to go between the tension discs, then through the hole at the top of the bar, and then down the back of the bar.

The bobbin has to be put in with the thread coming from the back.

The winder pivots on a large screw underneath. 

To engage the winder against the balance wheel, just push it into place.

The winder is now ready to fill the bobbin.  The little steel plate that rests against the bobbin will automatically release the bobbin winder once the bobbin is full.

If you want to take out the bobbin before the release mechanism is activated, just press gently on the steel plate.

Welcome to three new members today, Jaylee Miguel, Edsmum and Jessie Cunliffe.  Thank you for joining!


  1. Hello, I have recently acquired a very beautiful sewing machine from the Free Company. I have done a bit of research and turns out the Free Sewing Machine co. Chicago closed down in the sixties. My machine doesn't look like its working as if it may need a part and definitely a cleaning. Do you know anything about these machines at all ?

    1. Sorry Christina,

      American sewing machines are very thin on the ground on this side of the Atlantic so I can't help you. If it isn't an electric machine you might find the information you need on the Treadle On website.




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