Saturday 11 May 2013

Home Journal 13th February 1937

This magazine jumped up at me in a second hand shop.  Original price 3d, and the newsagent had written the purchaser's name in the top right hand corner.  It is a precious little snapshot of life when the nation was anticipating the Coronation of George VI, due to take place on 12th May.  There was still time to embroider tray cloths and napkins for Coronation Day, so the book of iron-on patterns was given as a free gift.  And there was time to run up a new dress from the free pattern that was also included.

Wonder of wonders, all the patterns were still inside the magazine.  Mrs. Millard obviously didn't have time for all that sewing.  Do you think I should make that wonderful dress?

There is also another dress pattern inside marked October 1937, but I have no picture to go with it. Perhaps one day I will be very brave and make a mystery vintage dress.  Could be interesting.


  1. do it do it do it! Such a great find. There's a store here that has mounds and mounds (no really, like MOUNDS) of old magazines. I just love peeking through them to see the ads and what was important at the time of printing. It's been a while since I've been there. Maybe it is time for a trip!

  2. That would be interesting to make a mystery dress!

  3. What a wonderful find! Yes, of course you must make the dresses. Imagine creating such wonderful pieces of history for the very first time. I think those poor patterns have waited long enough to fulfill their purpose. Have a great day!

  4. Yes indeed!!! You really should make both of the dresses. And too, some embroidery with all those historic patterns, would be in order. With your talents, perhaps you could revise the patterns for the finale of the Diamond Jubilation year?
    All the Best, QuiltE

  5. Thank you everyone!

    Now I feel a bit more spurred on to make the dress on the cover - but not in blue, and without the bow at the neck. It's all a bit too Mrs. T. I will be taken for a stalwart of the local Conservative Club.




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