Monday, 2 September 2013

A Packet of Antique Needles

...that I found in a box at an antiques market last week.  The manufacturer is Josef Zimmermann

and they were extremely proud of their gold medal won at Barcelona in 1888 (when my grandparents were aged 14, 4, minus 1 and minus 8).

The little paper packet is still intact and opens out.

On the tab it shows that they were manufactured in Aachen.

Inside there is a fold of paper...

enclosing a dozen only very slightly rusty but still very sharp round shanked needles.

Just the sort of thing that, had I been looking for them, I would never have found.  But there they were, so I snapped them up.


  1. How fun, even needles hold so much of our history in them!

    1. They are so fascinating. There was another packet of needles there, manufactured in this country, and containing about six crewel needles, a bit rustier than these. These German sewing machine needles were definitely the ones to bring home, especially seeing the man's head on the medal on the left is so hilarious.



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