Monday, 16 September 2013

Blackberries from the Hedgerow

One of the true great joys of late summer and autumn - blackberries!  It is worth all the scratches from the brambles to get at the fruit.  Last week I went out hacking back the nettles and checking the hedges around a couple of fields near home, getting well and truly scratched and stung so I could have enough for a nice big bowl of perfect blackberries.

When we were in Poland in August the blackberries were just finishing, and their brambles are a different variety to ours - not so widespread and rampant, and not half so tough and prickly. Our brambles are complete thugs compared to theirs, and the fruit starts to ripen about a month after theirs have finished.  The fruit here will keep on going for a few weeks.  I could stock the freezer if it weren't already full.

And because the freezer was full, I had to make jam straight away.  So here's the video if you want to give it a try.

Linking up today with Liz's blog Brambleberry Cottage (how appropriate) for Time Travel Thursday so you can see lots of other projects, including recipes..


  1. I am so envious to be missing the blackberries. We will be in America for another few months. I always take my kids blackberry picking along the lanes around our village. When Jack was little his hands and face would be blue with juice and his bucket was always empty by the time we got home.

    1. Hello Deesun,

      Good on Jack! I'm always snacking in the hedge in autumn.

      Enjoy your time in America. Hope I haven't made you too homesick!




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