Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Wild Fruit from the Hedgerow

I went out looking for blackberries yesterday, but it is still a bit early so I didn't find many, despite braving five foot high nettles to hurl myself into the brambles in the hedge.

Then I found a bush that was absolutely laden with these little beauties - sloes!  Tiny wild black plums, far too bitter to eat off the bush, but combined with...

... apples they make wonderful jam.  

So I spent most of the day in the kitchen.  It was a hot day, bright sunshine, a real Indian summer day, and I was working over a hot stove.  The result?  A dozen jars of jam, and at one stage, this marvellous colour combination to gaze at.

I've already tasted the jam and am looking forward to a nice leisurely breakfast on Saturday. With a bit of luck there might be a new Youtube video up by then...

Welcome to the latest follower, Leslie - thank you for joining!


  1. Hi Muv
    Have you ever tried/made sloe gin? It's really rather good.

  2. Hello Gavin,

    It's years since I had any sloe gin. I've never made it, but I have made raspberry gin. Headache in a glass. Should just have sloshed it over some trifle.


  3. Your sloes look like blueberries to me. They look wonderful.



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