Saturday, 3 May 2014

A Dress for Meg - 1

On the 30th May my god-daughter Meg will be three, and I have promised her a new dress for her birthday.  The plan is to post progress pictures so big sister Lily and their mum Hannah can watch the dress take shape.

First I had to raid my cupboard for a nice cotton print in colours to suit Meg.  This one fitted the bill. I'm sure Lily and Hannah will like it, whereas Meg might be rather more interested in the 20 pence.

I am going to use the home-made pattern I made a few weeks ago, but have made a few adjustments so Meg has room to grow.  Children often have growth spurts in the summer, and I don't want to make a dress that she will have grown out of by September.

So here is the progress so far.  I have cut out the back and front bodice pieces and the sleeves. I can cut out the skirt later - no rush, it will just be rectangular pieces - and I intend to draft a pattern piece for a collar once I have done the shoulder seams.

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  1. What lovely fabric for a little girl's dress! I need to go check out your link for the homemade pattern. I am not so good at sewing clothing due to not much practice but really want to start doing some of that because I hate to clothes shop! Guess I should just plunge in. By the way, that red 40's blouse that you made was absolutely gorgeous and so was you daughter modeling it!

    1. Thank you Karen. I can't tell you how satisfying it is cutting up a tatty old second hand garment...

  2. I'm looking forward to watching your progress! It's beautiful fabric.

    1. Thank you Nancy! Hannah likes it too - she emailed me last night - so this material is just the ticket.



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