Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Dress for Meg - 4 - Assembling the Bodice

Here is the bodice with the side seams done.  I have done more felled seams.

Also on the sleeves I have done felled seams.  I couldn't have managed doing it on sleeves that are any longer because you have to work down a tube, and it was a bit of a tight operation, but I managed it.  Usually I do French seams, but they give a bit more bulk and it can be a fuss trimming the extra bulk where the seams join under the arms - so this time I thought I would have the fiddly bit over and done with at this stage to make life easier later on.

Inserting the sleeve always looks as though it will be daunting.  The sleeve head seems pretty enormous compared to the armhole in which it is to be inserted.  But it will work...

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  1. That's a very pretty fabric, this dress will look lovely when it's done!

  2. This is lovely. Decades ago, when I made dress shirts for my husband, felled seams were the norm for me. Perhaps there will be more of them (the seams, not the shirts) in my future, with granddaughter Lucy on the way. Oh, and those sleeve heads.....they are looming, too. Caution: if you ever stop using couture techniques in your sewing, years later you will be totally flabbergasted you were ever able to pull them off at all! Love, Linda



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