Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Stitching on a Hanging Sleeve

Ready for the show...

There's nothing like thinking ahead.  The Quilts UK Show is on in Malvern in May and I have decided to put in a quilt, or possibly two.  I have just finished the job I love to hate.  Why do I find hand stitching so tedious?  It is supposed to be the path to serenity.

Fortunately I found a nice long strip with a selvedge, so the machine hemmed edge is tucked out of sight under the fold at the top edge.   

However the strip wasn't quite long enough, so I have ended up with a pieced hanging strip, giving it a nice thrifty Amish look.  I might take advantage of the paler section and scribble on my name and the date for posterity.

1 comment:

  1. At our local quilt shows, we don't have to stitch on the hanging sleeve, we can safety pin it on. I've cheated and done this, when I didn't want to keep the hanging sleeve on the quilt. You can even buy a hanging sleeve, already pieced, at the quilt shops. If it is too long, I just turn it out (so it doesn't catch the pole, and pin it on. I've reused them many times. I don't mind hand stitching, but, I don't like hand stitching on the hanging sleeve for some reason.



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