Monday, 13 May 2019

A Picture for Sunday on Monday - The Gardener's Friend

If you ever fancy an earwig for tea, my little friend will find one for you.

This is the boldest little robin I have ever known.  He will come within inches of my feet, looking for all the interesting snacks I turn up.  Worms are standard, which he will chop into short lengths for the hatchlings before flying back to the nest.  Fat caterpillars are always appreciated, but the gift he pounced upon with lightning speed was the huge cockchafer grub I dug up for him.  

He will happily chirp while he is eating, and break into full song perched just a few feet from me.  I like to think it his way of showing appreciation.  I know it is all cupboard love on his part, but I'm totally besotted.

I haven't given him a name yet.  Any suggestions? 


  1. Picnic, since you are providing him with his picnic, and he shares his song with you.

  2. I once got one to feed out of my hand! Cashew nuts! How about naming him after a sewing machine make? Or Archie....which would actually quite suit him I think.



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