Sunday, 19 May 2019

Toddler Grandad Cardigan

Putting brown and green granddaddy colours together for a baby boy's cardigan has been very entertaining.  One minute you might be thinking the whole effect will be post-war drabness, the next minute you are in fits of giggles imagining a toddler at an agricultural show getting excited at seeing the lambs.  It is definitely the country boy look.

After making the pink V necked cardigan and getting into a slight mess by misplacing the shaping for the neck, this time I decided not to wing it, and plan in advance.   

All went according to plan, and the shaping worked so that I ran out of stitches on the two front pieces when the neck was the right width.

On the back I needed to carry on the raglan shaping through the neck band until casting off.

Old fashioned buttons complete the look.

Now I am ready for either a boy or a girl, with the next baby in the family due next week!

Also, I am well on the way to writing up my first knitting pattern for babies' cardigans, in three sizes, with options for round or V necks.  I just have to finish knitting all six cardies first.


  1. So cute! Now he needs shorts, a tweed peaked cap for the whole ensemble and wellies! He'll look the bee's knees!

    1. I'm throwing a little checked scarf into the ensemble, and possibly a dickie bow for important occasions.

  2. I love this! I love seeing little children in good old fashioned knitwear. I was sitting having coffee in Waitrose one day when two little girls came along dressed in lovely hand knitted cardigans, and I got into a conversation with their mother, who told me that her Irish MIL had knitted them. We have just had another beautiful granddaughter and I'm looking forward to making her one of these for the winter!

    1. Oh excellent - a brand new baby girl! Have you chosen the wool already?



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