Tuesday 28 August 2012

A Polish Sewing Machine - The Hidden Surprise

Here is the view inside the cabinet of the Lucznik machine.  I expected to find the treadle wheel - seeing the treadle cable lying idle at the right hand side of the machine was a bit of a give away.  

But once I opened the cabinet door, the hunt was on.  Where was the treadle pedal?  Totally puzzled, I got my head down to the floor and looked underneath the cabinet.  No, nothing there.  My husband thought I was being exceptionally dense.  He could see straight away that the entire panel at the bottom of the cabinet was in fact the pedal.  I didn't think there was enough clearance at the sides and the back for it to move freely.  I was wrong, of course.  A quick try with my feet soon proved that it had a lovely smooth movement.

Perhaps next time we visit I might persuade cousin Bogusia to try sewing with the treadle, but I think she is a confirmed electric girl.

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