Monday 6 August 2012

Mitred Corners

About a year ago I did my first ever doll quilt swap on an internet quilting forum.  I no longer had any excuses to fudge my corners, which up until then had been messy.  I just wish I had discovered hair grips earlier.

Some people like to fold over a double thickness strip instead of doing a single thickness strip as I show on the video.  I have always been a bit wary of ending up with too much bulk, which is why I have always stuck to my method.  Either way, the method of folding at the corners to get the mitre is the same.

As for the doll quilts... yes I will show you the quilts I made and received.  You can expect a little miniature quilt show, starting in the autumn! 


  1. I think using these Bobbi Pins and we call them is a great idea. And if you only knew that I threaten my girls all the time that if they leave those around the house, I'll throw them away. But now I think I'll save them and give this method a try. :-)

  2. Great tip Muv ..... and never thought of hair grips that's more pricked fingers .......x



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