Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Pretty Picture for Sunday - Harvest Festival in Poland

Don't these ladies look wonderful in all their finery!  

Just eight days ago we were at a harvest festival in southern Poland, just a stone's throw from the Czech border.  These ladies passed by on a float in the parade, giving a cheerful wave and looking totally unbothered by the heat.  I have never seen so many beautiful shawls in one place at a time. And the fruit and vegetables!... after such a shocking summer in England, I have to confess to being envious at the sight of all the huge outdoor-grown tomatoes. 

A big welcome to Lisa!


  1. What beautiful costumes! I love all the lace and the fabrics are truly lovely. (Anything with roses, and I'm hooked.)

  2. Hello Laura Jean, so glad you enjoyed this photo.
    I am a fan of roses too. There is a photo of a shawl which I am saving for another day.



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