Sunday 12 August 2012

A Pretty Picture for Sunday - Flying the Flag

Look what came sailing past on Friday evening.  The wind brought a great flight of balloons over our house.  All I had to do was grab the camera and run upstairs and hang out of the attic window.  It was very obliging of the Team GB balloon to fly past over the fields and beyond the neighbours' roofs, dangling over a sunlit slice of English landscape.  Far less scary than the two balloons that flew directly over us within scraping distance of the chimneys. 

There will now be a slight interruption to this blog.  We are going away for a couple of weeks to stay with my husband's relatives.  If the technology (ie. a cousin's computer) allows it, I may be able to put up some posts while we are away.  The sewing machines will lie idle today while I pack the underwear, toothbrush and hand sewing.  The pine cones are travelling with me. 


  1. Safe journey to the pine cones ...x

  2. Oh, what a perfect picture! I hope you enjoy your visit.



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