Friday, 5 October 2012

Doll Quilt - Irish Chain

With this quilt I chose a straightforward traditional pattern, the Irish chain, so I could make the most of just two colours.  I really enjoyed using the bright lipstick pink batik.  I kept the top simple because my main aim was to practise machine quilting.  The quilting in the centre was fairly trouble-free.  The problems came doing the border.  There was a bit too much skidding and rumpling going on for my liking.  I really should try and take pictures of my quilts in more flattering lighting conditions.

This time I was doing a swap on a different forum, Quilting Haven.  They have a different system for the swaps - you send a quilt to one person, and receive a quilt from another.  This quilt took a flight to Oklahoma, and I had to wait and see what I would receive.  The idea is that you get a surprise - only the swap co-ordinator knows who is sending quilts where.  So I had to sit back and wait for my mystery package..

Welcome to Maria, the latest follower (not to be confused with Maria, the proud owner of the Jones machine).  Thank you for joining!

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  1. You are welcome! This swap looks like it could truly be fun to participate :)



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