Monday, 22 October 2012

Perfect Fabrics for Appliqué

For a long time I was looking around for a fairly lightweight cotton in a good range of colours suitable for appliqué.  In the end I found exactly what I wanted at Oakshott Fabrics.  For me the added bonus was that they weren't that far away - a quick zip up the motorway to Gloucester, and I spent a happy hour or so picking the right colours for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Quilt.

Here are the colours I have used, together with the two shades of background fabric I bought elsewhere.


  1. Hi Muv
    I wondered if I could beg some appliqué advice. I want to appliqué a woven fabric motif onto a jersey T-shirt. Do you think I should use some iron on interfacing to stabilise the knit fabric?

    Best wishes

  2. Hello Anonymous G

    Sorry, I never used any stretchy fabric. Or iron on interfacing. It just makes life too complicated.




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