Monday, 1 October 2012

Shuttle for the Jones Family CS

This is the shuttle for Maria's machine.  It was totally rust free and only needed a wipe to get a bit of greasy oil off.

This photograph shows the tension spring.  I did not touch the screw - screws on shuttles should be left well alone when cleaning a machine.  Testing the tension comes later.

This photograph shows the capital F stamped on the shuttle.  F for Family, so the right shuttle for the machine, not a rogue replacement.  Shuttles from other models are not necessarily compatible.


  1. Dear Muv,

    A while ago, I purchased a big box of miscellaneous sewing-machines bits & pieces. In this box of...stuff...was a shuttle & bobbin identical to what is shown here. I assume therefore, that it is a JONES Shuttle & Bobbin. However, mine has "M" and not "F".

    "M" means what?

    F - Family.
    M - ...Manufacturing?

    Just a guess.

    1. Hello Scheong,

      Haven't a clue. I have at least one rogue shuttle I can't identify.

      Love, Muv

  2. M stands for Medium. Jones made Family "F" CS machines and Medium "M" CS machines.



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