Thursday, 4 October 2012

Needles for the Jones Family CS

The problem with Jones machines is that they do not take a standard needle.  Singer set the standard early on by giving the shank of the needle a flat side and a compatible slot in the needlebar for it to fit into.  This meant that the needle was easy to insert and that it would be correctly set. Most manufacturers adopted this system, and the same standard needle is used on modern machines, so that it is easy to replace needles on most vintage machines.

Jones continued to make machines which took a round shanked needle.  There were four old needles with Maria's machine, a couple with tiny spots of rust, and all of them blunt.  We tested the stitch with the least blunt of the four.  The stitch was perfect, as perfect as you can get with a blunt needle that snags on the fabric every few inches.

Maria is going to contact Helen Howes, who has a wonderful website, to get some replacement needles, then we will give the machine a proper run.

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