Tuesday 8 January 2013

Another Doily - Is It Tatting? .. No, It's Netting!

This doily also passed the audition and has been on the sideboard under a jug of flowers for Christmas.

I'm no expert on lace, but I think this is tatting.  The lace is made up of tiny knots.

The infill in the points appears to have been woven in with a needle afterwards.


  1. I think it looks more like needle- made lace. Fairly certain it's not tatting. It's very beautiful though.

  2. Very nice but it doesn't look like tatting. Maybe bobbin lace?

  3. Thank you Carolyn and Not Lucy,

    I'm very fuzzy with lace, and it didn't look totally like the pictures I found of tatting.

    Thinking about it this afternoon I have remembered who I should have asked. I must ask her to have a look..


  4. Hi Muv,
    It's a kind of lace work called 'netting'. I looked it up in an old copy of 'Weldons Encyclopedia of Needlework' I have owned since I was a child. It is worked with the thread wound on a long narrow shuttle with a flat smooth strip of wood as a spacer to regulate the length of the loops in each row. Same process as fishermen used to use to make nets (probably still do in parts of the world). Love reading your blog and youtubes. Nola in Australia



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