Thursday 17 January 2013

The Cloth Plate on the Willcox and Gibbs Automatic

The cloth plate is so big that there is plenty of room for all sorts of information to be stamped on it, including this handy table showing recommended needle sizes and stitch lengths for different threads.

This photograph was taken before I cleaned the machine because it is easier to see what is stamped on it when there are not too many reflections. 


  1. What is the best way to clean the cloth plate? I recently bought one and it is dull with some rust.

    Thanks Sharon, CA.

    1. Hello Sharon,

      Congratulations on your new machine.

      It all depends on how bad the rust is, but try metal polish. Click on the heading in the column at the right, Metal Polish, and also follow the link at the very bottom of the page to the website for Peek metal polish.

      Good luck!


  2. Thanks for the help. My husband got this for me for our 30th anniversary, He said now I have a machine. This one is 1877. Thanks again.



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