Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Seville Oranges in the Shops Now!

If you are in Britain, the season has arrived.  Make the most of the Seville oranges while they are in the shops... they will only be there for a month to six weeks...

This evening I was delighted reading the lovely comment left on Youtube by a lady in Venezuela. British culinary tradition lives on in South America!  The wonders of the internet.

Many thanks to Nola in Australia for identifying the lace on yesterday's doily as netting.
Today I dug out my copy of Mrs. Beeton's Book of Needlework (a reproduction copy), and sure enough, there were the illustrations showing netting.  The illustrations were a bit tiny, so without Nola's help I'm not sure I would have arrived at the right answer.


  1. And Australia! I'm originally from the UK and I still make marmalade herewith a combination/adaptation of mandarins and tangellos (cross between Orange and grapefruit)...delicious...mmmm

    1. Tangellos! They sound interesting. It must be great living in a country that produces its own citrus fruit.

      Why not be brave and enter the Marmalade Awards? Follow the links on this post... you could either enter the competition held here, or the one in Australia.

      Lovely to hear from another marmalade maker!

      Love, Muv



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