Friday 4 January 2013

Vintage Appliqué Tray Cloth

This beautiful little tray cloth has hand stitched appliqué on a tiny scale.  The pink flower measures just a fraction under two inches across.

There are about six miniscule blanket stitches to every quarter of an inch.

Browsing through my May 1937 copy of The Needlewoman, I found this interesting advert on page 3, under the rather racy picture of Mrs. Simpson.  Patterns were 2d at your local needlework shop, or send 3d in stamps and have them sent direct by Wm. Briggs and Co. of Manchester.

What I found particularly interesting is that they supplied the pattern "With the coloured organdie pieces already attached."

Somehow I think the lady who stitched the gorgeous little green tray cloth was skilled enough to cut her own pieces.  The stitches for the hems around the cloth are equally tiny.

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