Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Present and a Find

A couple of months ago I received a fat quarter in the post from Canada.  It was sent by QuiltE, one of the members on the Quilting Board Forum.  The fabric is from the True Friends collection by Nancy Halvorsen for Benartex.  

QuiltE had sent out lots of these, with a note saying we should make whatever we like using this fabric so we can all post pictures on the forum.  What a brilliant idea!  It took me about eight and a half seconds to decide what to make.  I should get started later today.  I have a funny feeling that the note suggested we have them finished by 1st April, but the note is buried somewhere...

This colourful floral print is a Rose and Hubble fabric that I got from a charity shop.  It is in fact a skirt with an elasticated waist.  Awful as a skirt.  It doesn't hang well and is an example of the sack of spuds school of couture.  Perfect for the stash.

How often do you see pictures online of fabrics for sale that give you no idea of the scale of the print?  Or more irritating, with a coin, but to you it's foreign so you have no idea how big it is?  Or even if it is your own country, the coin is heads side up so you don't know which coin it is?  Just for larks I am going to let my compatriots guess whether it is a 5p or 10p coin in the pictures and whether it is the same coin in each picture.


  1. I'm honoured that you have showcased your/my FFC fabric!! As for confusing us, I could always guess it is our Canadian quarter? Or is it our nickel? No ... The Queen's head is smaller on the face of ours.

    As for the date of the thread ... June 1st, so you have LOTS of time to make it!! And what creativity is about to spring forth?

    BTW there's no top secrecy, you can tell and show the world anywhere anytime before that date.

    HAVE FUN!!! Regards, QuiltE

    1. Hello QuiltE,

      Lovely of you to pop up here!

      1st June - excellent! Not only have I got heaps of time, but also I don't have to tidy up to find the note... Any excuse.


    2. Housecleaning, tidying and keeping are over rated.
      Quilting is definitely a priority in life, so quilt on ... and leave that other stuff behind. :)

      BTW ... Great tea pot quilt!!
      Regards, QuiltE

  2. Hi Muv

    This is a teaser. I think the coin is a five pence piece and I am going to dare to say that it is the same coin in both pictures.

    (a compatriot)

    1. Hello Gavin,

      Yes, it is the same coin in each picture, but it is a 10p coin. Ha, half got you!




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