Monday, 22 April 2013

Nineteenth Century Star Quilt in the American Museum

This pretty eight-pointed star is a detail from a quilt made by a lady called Mary A. Smith in Maine in the 19th century.  The quilt is made up of lots of these little stars and the colours and overall effect are totally charming.  It is impossible for visitors to get good photos of the entire quilts because of the reflections, so I took pictures of details.

This design is one that is probably best sewn by hand, so I am more than happy to admire the work without feeling compelled to make one myself.  I have great respect for the needlewomen who made these astonishing quilts.  

The American Museum has such an interesting collection, so you can expect to see some more photos over the coming weeks.


  1. Doesn't the sashing fabric remind you of the "eyes" of a Singer 66 "Red Eye"? To be honest, I simply can't wrap my head around the amount of time it would have taken to complete even the smallest of quilts by hand. They truly are treasures. Thank you for sharing and have a great day!

    1. I hadn't noticed the red eyes - probably because we don't get red eyes here, they are an American decal. Well spotted!




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