Thursday, 25 April 2013

Today's Mystery Attachment

It looks like a mousetrap with inbuilt instruments of torture - a miniature rack perhaps.

I spent yesterday evening working out how to use it.  It is from a charity shop, complete in its box with all the necessary parts, but no instructions.  I had to take off its plastic cover and see what was going on inside because it wasn't doing what it was supposed to.  The insides were gummed up with ancient oil.

It has spent the night with the sticky end in a jar of paraffin (our Transatlantic Friends call it kerosene).

The paraffin is a lovely shade of pink.

This morning I have cleaned off the residue, which was softened to a slimy consistency, and washed out the excess paraffin with washing up liquid and hot water.  After that it had a good rinse in clean water, a quick go with the hair drier, and now it is sitting on a radiator to dry it out thoroughly.

Next week I will be trying it out properly.  (Anything to put off all that hand sewing).

What is it?  

Big fat clue - my husband's first words to me today were "Good morning Mrs. Hutton-Bowler."


  1. I have no idea! It looks like either a button holer or a bias tape maker, but that wouldn't attach to the machine.

  2. At first glance I thought Zigzagger, but after that clue, I'm guessing buttonholer? Oh and thank you so much for clarifying what paraffin is. I was wondering why you'd have it sitting in a jar of wax. LOL Have a wonderful day.

    Be well,
    Laura Jean from bright and sunny New Jersey

  3. Interesting. I've never seen one that looked like that. Is it a Singer or a Greist? I might recognise it when it's back in its party frock?!


  4. Yes, you are all right, it's a buttonholer. It has now got its clothes back on and will be having a photo shoot ready for Saturday.

    Love, Muv



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