Friday, 5 April 2013

Making a Tea Cosy - Stage 2

Here is the panel with the quilting completed.

The teapots have an extra layer of wadding so they stand out in relief - this post shows the method. 

To stitch around the edge of the appliqué I used the trusty Singer 99K hand machine and the hinged cording foot, as shown on this post here

Next I filled the background with free motion quilting on the Singer 15K treadle.  It's a bit fiddly getting into the small spaces, but worth it for the finished effect.

Fortunately I had a variegated thread with shades of pink and green so it went perfectly on both colours of the background.

Once I had finished the quilting I cut the panel into two pieces, each measuring 13 x 9 inches.

I'm hoping to have this project finished by tomorrow so you can see the end result and perhaps make one of your own...  the mystery will be over and this post will have a brand new title!

Free Motion Quilting Friday

And again I am linking up with Leah Day's free motion quilting blog so you can visit other blogs showing some lovely projects...  These Friday link ups are a brilliant idea, I really need the kick to make me practise!  


  1. Neato! I will do my best to remember to cone back to see where you're going with this. I think its pretty awesome already!

  2. And to think I commented on your teapot quilt, when I first saw the fabric posted. Then now, I see you have made teapots with the fabric!! My guess .... they are going to be made into a teapot cozy. Anywhere near correct? Rest of the fabric could be for other tea time items ... for a complete ensemble!
    TERRIFIC ingenuity, on you part!
    Regards, QuiltE

  3. Hi Muv
    You really had me going with the mirror image teapot thing. Now you have cleverly cut them in half I am convinced that you are making a teacosy. I love the sage green dotted fabric. My Gran had a dress made of similar when I was little. Seeing that fabric took me to a lovely place in my memory.




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