Thursday 27 June 2013

A Doily, an Anniversary and an Encounter

This is the latest item I have completed for the Doll Quilters Monthly swap - my partner Brittoni in New York State has just received it.  The theme for May was to make a quilt any shape but square or rectangular.  That had me flummoxed for a bit, until I decided to make a free motion quilted doily

Starting with a tiny circle at the centre, I kept on going outwards, making it up as I went along.  It started with a flower shape with radiating leaf shapes around it.  Then I changed the top thread for a lighter colour, and went round a few times doing flame shapes, followed by spirals.  

Around the edge I put binding in a contrasting shade, pink ric rac using the braiding foot and added buttons and beads.

When a vase is put in the middle you can see the darker quilting thread peeping out.

And because today is the first anniversary of the blog, here are the flowers, picked on a quick raid on the garden last month.

Finally, the encounter.  I was in Bath this morning, on my way to my favourite café there, and heard singing.  Nothing unusual, Bath is a buskers' haven.  But this was two unaccompanied, unamplified voices singing folk songs in harmony.  It was an absolute delight meeting Will and Ed, who walk around Britain singing on their way.  Yes, really.  Visit their website, where you can hear them sing.  I had a request for them, but they didn't know it - a new song might be added to their repertoire if I'm lucky, in which case I will stand them a few jars next time they are in Bath.

Update - 28th June
Well I didn't tell you yesterday, but I sang a quick song for Will and Ed, and ended up being recorded, and today it is on their website with other soundtracks.  Thanks for the lovely picture of the swans and cygnets, lads!
My top favourite song is The Good Old Way, which you will find if you click on the last track, Little Song in St. Rumwold's on the Marsh - the player will keep on going straight into it.  I love it, it is sung with real feeling!

This post is being linked to Leah Day's blog for Free Motion Friday, so there will be links to lots of other free motion projects... 
and also to My Quilt Infatuation for Needle and Thread Thursday for quilting and other needlework projects. .


  1. totally lovely! and congratulations on your first anniversary ;D m.

  2. Hi Muv
    The doily is great. I can't believe you've been blogging a year. Fantastic! Thanks so much for all the great posts. It was your videos on how to clean and oil a machine that got me going with my 28K.

    1. Gavin,

      You have no idea how thrilled I have been watching your progress making your first shirt. I'm just so delighted that you have found the blog and videos so useful!


  3. Happy Anniversary Muv! The doily is beautiful, and I love the buttons n' beads. Have a great day!

    Laura Jean

    1. Thank you Laura Jean! It was Will and Ed who really made my day...

  4. Hello Lizzie,

    It was fine and great to meet you in Bath yesterday. And thank-you for this mention on your excellent blog.

    Your singing, in case your sewing fans wish to hear another side of your talents, is online here:

    Please enjoy...

    Love, Will and Ed

    1. Hello Will and Ed!

      Well there's a surprise, ending up recorded and online. I've never sung on the street before - it was pretty terrifying. In the kitchen or in the car is more my style. My first thought on hearing it was crikey, I sound like an old granny, then decided that means I'm too old to care.

      I'm updating the blog post today to send people to The Good Old Way - I love the way you sing it!

      Lots of love,

  5. Happy anniversary, Muv!
    Thank you for all your wonderful posts and videos. Your blog is a joy to read.
    The same thing as Gavin happened to me: I wanted a vintage Singer right after watching the videos on how to clean and oil one.



  6. I'm glad you posted to FMQ; that's how I found your site. Delightful! So many interesting topics, oh Seamstress of Bath.

  7. I love the change in the thread color. The whole thing is beautiful and happy blog-versary! :)

  8. This is so beautiful! I love the beadwork!

  9. I love the concept of just starting at the center and just moving out.

  10. what a fantastic little quilt. Your FMQ looks wonderful, and the darker thread in the middle looks great peeking out from under the vase.

    Thank you so much for linking up at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  11. Such a cute idea for a quilt :) I really love it!



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