Wednesday 26 June 2013

A Packet of Needles

This rather nice packet of needles was in a second hand shop.  The price is in old money, so it is from 1971 or earlier,

and from the date on the back of the packet, 1964 or later.

One of these days I might finally understand needle sizes.  I have a tendency to go blank at the sight of numbers.  All my needles end up mixed up in the tin, so if it looks pretty fat I will use it with a thick thread, and if it looks thin, with a fine thread.  If it hurts when I jab it into my fingertip, it's sharp, if it doesn't, it isn't.  Not the technical approach, I know, but I've got away with it so far.

This page of advice all about needles on Helen Howes's website is very interesting, but I'm just glad I haven't got to sit a written test on it.  I'll just bash through the practical and hope for the best.

1 comment:

  1. I sew/quilt piece most of the time with a 12 needle. If the quilt is heavy or has thick seams, I change to a 14 or 16 needle. Other than those three sizes, I only change when sewing on denim (denim needle) leather (leather needle) etc. Works for me!



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