Wednesday 12 June 2013

German Bobbin Winders - No. 4 - Naumann Vibrating Shuttle

Using the bobbin winder on the Naumann Vibrating Shuttle is refreshingly simple.

First, take the thread though the wire hook and little tension discs to the right of the spool pin.

Then take it down to the bobbin winder, trap the thread with the end of the bobbin at the right hand side, and pass the thread through the hole at the top of the little bar on the winder.

There is a lever at the bottom of the bobbin winder.  Push the lever up, and the winder will engage into position against the balance wheel.

Now fill the bobbin.

To disengage the bobbin winder, push down gently on the metal plate that rests against the bobbin. This is an automatic release mechanism, which will automatically release the winder once the bobbin is full, so there is no chance of overfilling a bobbin.

The bobbin can now be taken out.  Job done!

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