Monday, 8 July 2013

Cropping Whitecurrants

Last year it rained non-stop and I let the birds have the entire fruit crop on the allotment.  This summer (we didn't have one last year) is a different story.  At the moment it is scorching, with temperatures in the 80s, and I am getting in the fruit as it ripens.  The whitecurrant bush is the first one that is ready.

They are easy to pick from the bush, but it takes ages getting them off the stalks.  This batch of whitecurrants will be ready to go into the freezer later today.  

Whitecurrants are quite bitter, with lots of hard pips, but they make a lovely jam or jelly with the strained juice because they are high in pectin.  They are very handy to use with a fruit that is low in pectin, such as pears.

2012 was a nil jam year in my kitchen.  This year I am worried that the freezer will be full to bursting if I don't collect enough jars very soon.

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