Thursday, 18 July 2013

Karol at the Window - Starting the Quilting

Once the outline was stitched on the background fabric I was able to do the first stage of the quilting.  I used polyester wadding and some very lightweight polyester cotton for the backing, and quilted over the stitched outline, adding a couple of lines of quilting for the detail on the cuff.  I used the Singer 15K hand machine with a standard hinged foot for this quilting.

Then I turned the work over and trimmed away the wadding and backing as close as possible to the stitching, and made sure all the tail ends of thread were pulled in between the layers before starting the next stage.

Next it was time for a bit of fun on the Singer 15K treadle doing the free motion quilting.  The idea of doing the wavy lines was to give the impression of a knitted jumper.

Perhaps it might have been easier to see what I was doing if I had worked from the back, but I'm not expert enough yet at free motion quilting to avoid getting little bobbles of thread occasionally on the back - a sure sign that my feet had been working faster than my hands.

The bobbles don't show on the right side, so I can live with them on the back.

1 comment:

  1. Very cool. And to think you can do that on a treadle.



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